Woman hires a Masseur and Fucks him

This woman is studying English and for this she has gone to London to study it, she is an older woman, but she is very good looking. She is working all day and what she is looking for is a bit of relaxation, after a few months there she decides to hire a masseur to put her in tune. She is tired and her back hurts, but she knows that if they give her a good massage she will recover.

He calls and a boy appears to perform that desired massage, little by little he is warming up, first he asks him to take off his clothes. After she lies down on the sofa, and after not stopping to give him wiggles, she is already super horny and the masseuse knows that something is happening to her. He starts to put his hand in and realizes that he already has his prize, the masseuse is going to fuck her.

Date: June 17, 2020

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