Twerking duel between Abella and Kelsi big ass

Abella and Kelsi are stung since they both say they have the best ass to dance twerking. The friend says that he would not know which to choose and they have stayed at his house to decide which of the two has a better ass. He has a big problem since they both have an impressive ass and they know how to move it very well.

They arrive at the agreed time at the boy’s house and play the music. That’s a full-blown dance challenge. They both start shaking those amazing asses in a way that we love. They know what they are doing. First they wear tight leggings and then they take them off to stay in a thong.

They keep shaking their asses, but there is no way to decide which one is better. They are going to try to decide which is better by moving him on top of the boy and fucking him.

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