The popular guy in the class fucks the new student

This video is of two very spoiled rich girls who no longer know what to have fun with, that they have had to find young girls to do it. In this case they have looked for a black student who is new to the town, they tell the girl a story and take her to the house of one of them.

There they also invite the most popular boy in the class, he is the most conceited of the whole school. The two sluts tell him that they have gotten the new one, they have transformed her from a slum so they can fuck. The bold must accept because otherwise she will be marginalized throughout her stay at school and in high school.

The black girl dresses as a slutty schoolgirl, sits on the sofa next to the boy, seduces him and they fuck like rabbits while the two classmates spy on them.

Date: June 19, 2020