Sex with his Doctor while his wife is waiting outside

Good friends, if you have ever gone to the doctor, surely you have not met a Doctor as vicious as the one in this amateur porn scene because she will take advantage of the patient who is on crutches and will let her get in the office very hard while her woman is waiting outside.

A couple have entered the office to take a look at the man, the woman seems to be a little indignant with her husband because he thinks he has a lot of stories, in fact he gets pissed off in front of the doctor and she asks him to wait outside . That is the plan of this Doctor. because by being alone and having sex with the boy.

When they are alone, the doctor makes him walk but he falls to the ground, but as a reward he finds the woman sucking his cock eagerly, who shortly after will ask him to put it in and fuck her hard.

Date: June 21, 2020

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