Schoolgirls punished by their teacher

Good friends, as we know that schoolgirls put you a lot, today we bring you a good porn video of two very bad students who have behaved badly during the course and have suspended the sexuality course implanted by a somewhat perverse teacher.

The girls have had to stay at the end of class to talk to their teacher, to see how they solve it because what the exam is they have failed, the theory is very bad, but the teacher gives them a chance to pass if they do the exam right practice, so we will see them work hard to get approved and not have to study during the holidays.

The teacher pulls his pants down, leaving his cock sticking out, the girls are ashamed to cover their eyes, but soon they are both giving him a good handjob and then he forces them to put them inside their mouths to get a good blowjob.

Date: July 6, 2021

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