Orgasm World Championship Ariel vs Olivia

On one side we have Olivia Y, 19 years old, 174cm and has a pulse of 84, and her first sexual experience was at 16, and on the other hand we have the beautiful Ariel (Lilit A), 18 years old, a young girl, they are 167cm tall and a heart rate of 69, and she too had her first sexual experience at 16. So start the hunger games!

They have a table in the middle of the two with all the weapons they can use, including lubricants, vibrators, dildos, plastic penises … we have a large assortment of leather to make this competition more exciting.

Each one starts with what is most comfortable or familiar to them, but the two end up choosing in the end for a vibrator as God intended to make them enjoy and reach ecstasy before the 10 minutes of the Orgasm World Championship is over.

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