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My girlfriend is asleep and I’m going to fuck her

The girl is very tired after a long day at work. The boyfriend is out all day on the spree and when he gets home he sees her asleep there and he gets super horny. He wants to fuck her like a beast since she is very fiery but today it seems that she does not feel like having any kind of relationship.

The boy is not going to give up so easily and has placed a camera to record the dust that he is going to throw to his girlfriend. She is bundled up in the blanket and he begins his bullying by removing the sheet and starting to rub it. She does not feel like it, but she is glad that her tits are touched and also he knows perfectly how to do it. The after starts with the pussy and begins to eat it. She no longer wants to sleep, what she wants is to fuck.

Date: May 23, 2020