Minerva tortured by Noemilk in the room

The beautiful Minerva is a neighborhood slut who, relatively recently, was lying on the street with one hand in front and the other behind. To solve her financial situation, this championship whore has signed up for a newspaper ad published by Noemilk’s perverted pig, a guy with a huge dick who gets hard on torturing the bitches he fucks.

The slut from Minerva, after calling him on the phone and staying with him, goes to the appointment with the underwear that Noemilk has demanded of her and surprises herself as the guy tortures her little by little. After a few very intense moments, Minerva’s bitch ends up with her legs spread wide, her pussy very wet and begging Noemilk to fuck her hard as soon as possible while the very bitch moans with pleasure.

Date: June 10, 2020

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