Little Swallow: swallowing every last drop of semen

Little Swallow has risen to the democratic PornHub as a teacher of the practice of swallow: the pornographic exercise that delights in cumming on girls’ open mouths while they squirt it down their cheeks to give us the opportunity not to miss a thing . A very visual practice (and tasty for those who receive the suckling lamb) capable of causing real media repercussions if we look at the numbers of its views: 10 million reproductions in less than a year.

The couple of young people that make up this channel are of unknown origin (although the Cyrillic alphabet indicates that she could be Russian or Ukrainian) and they are fetish lovers with masks and masks a la Catgirl or nekomimi (characters with feline features that appear in Japanese manga and are often used by cosplay artists to make their performances)

There is not much to say about her sexual tastes; she loves to suck his cock and swallow the sweet semen that he expels, a quality that together with her sweet eyes, upturned nose, impudent candor and lewd restraint results in very pleasant images for the senses.

Date: June 30, 2020

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