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Lena Paul practices Anal sex with her husband

Lena was in the bathroom and suddenly she received a call while she was putting on makeup and she was spectacular. Her husband was watching, she was looking at her getting very horny and told her how she was going to go out with her friends dressed that way. While talking with her friend, the husband was taking off her tits and wetting her, She saw that he was a little bit stung because he was going to succeed that night, but he knew how to make her take him better.

She knelt by his side and very sweet began to suck his cock, then she put it between her tits and began to jerk them off in an incredible way, she knew very well how to make her husband let her do whatever it was and she was going to give what he liked so much, he laid him on the bed and sat on it jumping nonstop with his cock in his ass.

Date: November 8, 2019