British Sex slave Fucked on all fours

A plump blonde mature has a perfect life in the eyes of others, everyone thinks she is a puritan but in reality this woman loves being a sex slave. What she wants most is for her husband to come home from work and put the leash on her and treat her like a bitch.

That day the husband was a little late and she was at the door waiting for him on a leash, she wanted to be whipped and fucked like hell. The preferred posture of this British so pig was that of the puppy, when her husband put her on 4 legs she ran several times in a row.

Another thing this British sex slave loves is that when her husband cums, he does it to her face and if she can, she likes to swallow the cumshot. Her husband wanted to please her this day by fucking her mouth until he gagged.

Date: March 16, 2020

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