Argentine Celezte Cruz is hypnotized by her boss

And now we have a beautiful Argentine working as a secretary for her boss. Her boss thought this was going to be like in porn and she was going to be able to fuck her secretary like nothing else, but no, Celezte Cruz is not like that at all and this guy is going to have to find another method. So he decides to learn to hypnotize his secretary to make him take out the bitch inside him, after getting it he puts Celezte Cruz’s slut to do whatever he wants and when he wants.

Here we see how he successfully hypnotizes the horny Celezte Cruz and how he manages to make this bitch stay still so that he can rub her well at ease. But everything gets better when he makes his secretary suck his cock in a great way that he’s going to make her very, very horny.

Date: June 7, 2021