Angela White smeared and well fucked

Angela White’s bitch has been working non-stop all day and her feet are busted and her back is very exhausted. It is for this reason that Angela White’s dog sometimes calls her favorite physical therapist so that he can destroy her back as only he knows how to do it.

Needless to say, the type of fool does not have a hair because as Angela’s whore calls him, he runs to visit her and sometimes he does not even charge her, since she knows how to pay him in many different ways. It makes the man more horny to see the tits so gigantic that this bitch has and how good he fucks every time he goes to do the back, pussy and ass massage. Of course you all agree with me that if a bitch like Angela White asks you to do a massage like the one this guy has to do in the ass, none of you will refuse or, at least, you would have to think about it to resist.

Date: June 5, 2020

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