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This beautiful Arab woman has been seducing us for several years with her good work practicing sex in front of the cameras. This young girl was born in the Lebanese city of Beirut on February 10, 1993. Despite her young age, Mia has conquered a large part of the pornographic market thanks to her racial beauty, her body made for sin and the professionalism she maintains in each one of his works. So exponential has been its rise in popularity, which in 2014 ousted in popularity the legendary actress Lisa Ann, according to the ranking created by PornHub.

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Mia is one of those unique porn actresses, she started in the porn film industry in October 2014, and since then she has participated in many porn movies. Some of the most famous are “Xtra 15” (2014), “Put It Between My Tits” (2014), “Temporary Dates 2” (2015), “Big Tit Cream Pie 31” (2015) or “Mia Khalifa” ( 2015).

He has worked for some of the most important pornographic producers in the entire industry, such as Bang Productions, Pure Play Media or Score.

Among the various tattoos that we can contemplate on the body of Mia Khalifa, we find the first verse of the national anthem of Lebanon on his left forearm, and some Lebanese symbols on his right wrist. These tattoos have raised great controversy in their country of origin, as many compatriots have shown their discomfort because a porn actress so happily display such national symbols. But she has never paid much attention to criticism, and has limited herself to continue developing her profession with complete freedom and without entering into many controversies. On rare occasions he has defended his profession swashbuckling, stating that his work does not hurt anyone, quite the contrary. Thanks to all his success appeared many gifs, the duo Timefiles dedicated a successful rap and even the rapper and manager of the Toronto Raptors Drake tried to fox.

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Currently Mia Khalifa resides in the city of Miami, where she lives with her husband, a lucky young American.